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We Help Men And Women To

  • Become More Flexible And Move More Freely
  • Ease Aches, Pains And Stiffness
  • Improve Posture And Body Alignment
  • Extend And Strengthen Muscles Range
  • Release Stress And Tension
  • Increase Energy Levels

Here Is How We Can Help You Achieve Your Goals


  • I want my flexibility back! My posture is a concern and I am not moving as well as I used to and I have a few aches and pains.
  • I don’t have time to spare and don’t particularly like group classes nor do I have the time to travel to them.
  • I want someone who can tailor a program to my needs which will have a positive effect on my flexibility and posture. I want to move with more ease and feel great.
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  • Every day I sit at work and feel the stress and tension in my body.
  • I spend hours sitting at my computer or in meetings and feel the toll it’s taking on my body. My back often achess and my shoulders are stiff.
  • It would be amazing if there was a weekly class at work that actually helped get rid of stress and tension and eased the aches pains that I feel from office work.
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  • I would love to feel more flexible and get rid of those aches and pains that I get from stress and long hours of work.
  • I don’t always have access to classes as I travel a lot and I have little time to spare in my professional and private life. Skype is the perfect solution!
  • I wish I had more energy!
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  • I am not as flexible as I used to be and I know it’s getting worse as I get older.
  • I have tried yoga and pilates but would like to try something more accessible and dedicated to my flexibilty.
  • I like the idea of group classes and being with other people in the same situation.
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  • I love cycling! I am cardiovascularly fit but my flexibility is suffering.
  • I’ve got tight hamstrings, quads and hipflexors. My leg muscles feel like they may be shortening. My glutes feel weak.
  • My shoulders feel stiff and rounded. I get lower back pain from being constantly flexed forward.
  • I want to feel more flexible! I want more power, use less effort and cycle further for longer!
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Here Is What My Clients Are Saying

As an avid cyclist, I’m all too aware of the need to stretch to avoid injury and rebalance the body… being in the cycling position for many hours is hard on the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders, while the pedalling motion shortens and tightens an array of leg muscles … since discovering resistance stretching through Sarah I have been impressed with it’s dynamic, full-body workout effect that leaves you in a state of total refresh … Sarah is a really engaging teacher who has the knack of making exercise fun!



I am a very active sixty something year old always doing all those things as a woman we are told not to tackle: lifting heavy items, doing too much gardening, stretching beyond balance point etc. The consequence of this is a weakened right side and stiff shoulder not to mention the unnerving feeling that I am not quite as strong as I used to be which frustrates me! Regular Skype Resistance Stretch sessions are building renewed strength, flexibility and the ability, once again, to manoeuvre my shoulder to its normal range.

You’ll find sessions with Sarah will be full of useful facts, she is firm but fun – try it!



Claim your FREE Move better, Feel Great - Become More Flexible Taster Session
To claim your free session, simply click on the button below and fill in your details.