Hello my name is Sarah and I am the creator of Stretch2health.

I work with men and woman between 30 and 65 who are committed to their career and their families but are fed up of dealing with aches and pains and feel limited by their movement and stiffness on a daily basis. They spend hours sitting, often hunched over a computer or find that they are continually doing repetitive movements.

They are aware that it is taking a toll on their lives and worry about how this will affect them long term if they don’t take action but struggle with not knowing what would really make a difference. They have tried other forms of exercise and sometimes use pain killers but nothing has helped on a permanent basis.

My clients want to get on with their active lives without feeling aches and pains, without being limited by poor mobility and low energy levels.

They want to move better and feel great! My mission is to get them there!

My Story

I have led a varied and eventful life. I grew up in Africa and Ireland which has given me a very broad view. My unconventional career has taken me from places as varied as New York and Mombasa, where my versatility and ingenuity were showcased. As a high end fashion milliner in NYC I designed, created and manufactured beautiful fashions, which were featured in top store windows and the pages of Woman’s Wear Daily.

In Kenya I branched into manufacturing using the locally abundant coconut fibre to create a new brand ‘Art Coco’ which became a leading designer name in interior decor in Kenya. Throughout my creative professional life, however, I have maintained a very keen interest in health and fitness, and have always shared this passion with friends and colleagues.

I have returned to live in England and bring my deep knowledge of everyday health and fitness into a professional arena. Having spent more than twenty years enjoying developing my yoga practice with teachers from Bali to Africa, I discovered Resistance Stretching which has given me an amazing new perspective on flexibility, strengthening and a sense of well being.

I am now a qualified Resistance Stretching Trainer having trained in the UK and USA and I am amongst only a handful trained in this field in the UK.

I now love to share simple, powerful and effective ways of supporting people to achieve their fullest health and wellness.

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