Success Stories

Stretch Private

As a hyper mobile person I am vulnerable to over stretching my ligaments. After a month of resistance stretching with Sarah however, I had become noticeably stronger and felt so much more confident to exercise, lift and carry without hurting myself. My body really changed, and so did my mood and spirit. Do it! It’s easy and very effective!


After only half a dozen or so sessions, I can feel my body beginning to respond and flex, which is good news after decades of sitting in office chairs and getting stiffer and stiffer. If a tubby 50-something gym-phobe enjoys it, you might too! Thank you Sarah.



Stretch Skype

I could hardly bend down – my muscles felt stiff, some parts of my body would not move, I felt jammed up. When I first heard about this stretching I just thought, so what?! I have been working with Sarah via Skype now for more than six months. She gives very clear instructions and has been very consistent with a routine that really addresses my problem areas. We focused alot on an old injury area which was really restricting my movement and I would say that with the stretches Sarah has given me I have improved by 80% – I never thought that would be possible! Now we are working through that last 20%!


Humanitarian Logistics Manager, Ethiopia

We signed up for Skype lessons with Sarah and are glad we did. The Skype classes were great, they helped get rid of general day to day stiffness, gave us better flexibility and as keen cyclists we both saw an improvement in performance on the bike. My husband and I had different requirements, but in every class Sarah worked to accommodate these differing needs making sure we both finished the lessons feeling well stretched and limber. Sarah was also really good about arranging the lessons to suit two very different work schedules. Would absolutely recommend these lessons to anyone considering them.

Andrew and Jen


I am a very active sixty something year old always doing all those things as a woman we are told not to tackle: lifting heavy items, doing too much gardening, stretching beyond balance point etc. The consequence of this is a weakened right side and stiff shoulder not to mention the unnerving feeling that I am not quite as strong as I used to be which frustrates me! Regular Skype Resistance Stretch sessions are building renewed strength, flexibility and the ability, once again, to manoeuvre my shoulder to its normal range.

You’ll find sessions with Sarah will be full of useful facts, she is firm but fun – try it!



Stretch Group

I started the class with pain in my lower back. Now it has gone! Thanks so much Sarah.


A really great session – the moves were well explained and the session was very balanced. I feel very relaxed and stretched out, particularly in my glutes which are areas of particular tightness.


I wasn’t doing any stretching and had an awareness of my inflexibility and the accompanying problems that it can bring. I wanted to try the stretching session out and see if I liked it and I did very much. I’ve been very happy so far, it’s a very relaxed and helpful environment. I do feel my posture has improved already.



Stretch Cycle

As an avid cyclist, I’m all too aware of the need to stretch to avoid injury and rebalance the body… being in the cycling position for many hours is hard on the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders, while the pedalling motion shortens and tightens an array of leg muscles … since discovering resistance stretching through Sarah I have been impressed with it’s dynamic, full-body workout effect that leaves you in a state of total refresh … Sarah is a really engaging teacher who has the knack of making exercise fun!




We really enjoy our stretching sessions with Sarah – it’s something different for the team to do together, it gets us away from our desks and people feel more energised after the sessions. You don’t need any particular skill to do it so everyone can get involved.



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